Choosing the right bike for an adventure is never easy.  There are lots of good bikes out there and they will all get you to where you want to go.  The challenge for us was to choose a bike that will get you there with the biggest grin.  For 10 years, we have been bouncing over rocky roads and trails throughout Oman on bikes big and small, and we have loved every minute of it.  The biggest grins we have found though, come from a sense of achievement at the end of a journey.  But there are limits, of course.  There are only so many times in a day that you want to pick up a +240kg bike off the ground.  We could choose easier trails or stick to the roads, but then we wouldn’t be showing you the true beauty of Oman.  In order to make sure we take full advantage of all Oman has to offer, we are going to need a bike that can handle it all with ease.

We chose the CCM GP 450 because not only does it have some pretty impressive specs, but also because of its versatility.  The CCM GP450 offers all-day comfort and handling in a package that only weighs 125kg (275 lbs).  We have also taken advantage of the factory options available and can offer bikes with seat heights from 790mm, all the way up to 950mm (31in to 37in).  The motorcycles we will be using have specified ranges of suspension weights to make sure we can tailor the bikes to fit riders perfectly.

Being able to adjust the bike to suit your riding style, in a package that is easy to manage, instills confidence and allows you to get on with the ride, on even the most challenging trails.  We feel, comfort and confidence is the key to getting the very best out of the tours we offer and we are sure you will enjoy riding these fantastic machines just as much as we do.

To Quote from CCM’s own brochure

The GP450 design team have created something very special, a motorcycle that puts a smile on your face without the need for colossal power outputs, complex electronics and masochistic race ergonomics.

Beneath the rugged Dakar inspired adventure clothing, the beautifully crafted “Bond-Lite” frame underpins a geometry that uniquely delivers dirt bike capability off-road, allied with the all-day comfort and handling of a sports touring machine.

The lightness of the GP450 instils a confidence that allows you to simply get on and enjoy the ride, engaging with the trail, the landscape, hooking that perfect combination of gear and throttle that provides the feeling that only a motorcyclist can understand, just a slight weighting of the foot pegs providing intuitive changes to direction.

But lightness is nothing without balance and poise. Whilst the fuel capacity is a generous 20 litres, this extra payload is spread low and long across the majority of the bike’s frame via an ingenious triple tank arrangement, the end benefit a useable 250 mile (400km) range.”

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