Who we are

Driven by a passion for adventure travel and a love of all things motorcycle, we had a long hard think about what could be done to make your adventure an epic one.  No matter what type of biking you choose, you are almost guaranteed to have a great time.  But what if you could make it a once-in-a-lifetime adventure without months away from home?

In short, any great adventure tour has to be

  • Hassle-free – from start to finish, leave it to us and we will get it sorted.
  • Epic – we ride to get out there, stay there and bask in the vastness of it all.
  • Challenging (or not) – tours are tailored to rider abilities and desires.
  • Flexible – want to make some changes mid-tour? No problem, just ask.
  • Full support – if you don’t drop a bike off-road, then you’re not trying hard enough. For all extended tours, we have a 4×4 pick-up with a spare bike just minutes away.
  • Relaxing – luxury hotels at the end of a tough day. Chill by the pool with a cold one in your hand.
  • Additional activities – we have some fantastic partners that offer activities from big-game fishing to abseiling and everything in between.

We are in this because we love it. And we love doing it here. Oman really does have something special to offer with terrain and scenery which is as vast and diverse, as it is beautiful. You can see everything here, from empty deserts, vast mountain ranges and lush green hills to forests and endless sandy beaches. And it’s all there to be explored, it’s just waiting for you. There are no fences and no access restrictions, we are free to explore it all.

To take advantage of the freedom we enjoy to explore the spectacular landscape of Oman, we have chosen bikes and equipment that allow us to get just about anywhere. Our light-weight adventure bikes give all-day comfort, while offering some serious off-road credentials:

  • Dry weight of only 125kg (275lb)
  • 275mm of suspension travel (11in)
  • Several spring rates to suit rider weight
  • Lush comfy seats with adjustable height from 790mm to 950mm (31in to 37.5in)
  • Soft luggage racks, wind protection and a 400km fuel range (250 miles)

To keep you on the road, we have a support vehicle with a spare bike in tow, and all your luggage is forwarded to the next hotel. All you need to do is turn up and ride. We really do believe that the kit we have chosen will allow you to get the most out of your adventure, no matter what difficulty level you choose. We also realize that this is your adventure and we aim to remain as flexible as possible. If the going is too tough, no problem. A little training or a change of route is fine by us. All we want is for you to turn up and enjoy it!!

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3 Day - Mountain and Desert Training Tour

Part of the crown of Oman's Eastern Hajar Mountains, Salmah Plateau is an enduro riders and historians dream.

1 Day - Beehive Tombs of Salmah Plateau

Part of the crown of Oman's Eastern Hajar Mountains, Salmah Plateau is an enduro riders and historians dream.

1 Day - Wadi Al Arbeieen and the Hajar Mountains

320Km of stunning mountain scenery and relaxing in the crystal clear water of Wadi Al Arbeieen's rock pools.

5 Days - Coast to Coast through the Wahiba Desert

A coast to coast adventure through the heart of the Hajar Mountains and a full North to South crossing of the Wahiba desert