Oryx Training Tours

We recently had a couple of awesome riders on a training tour and they were kind enough to add to our blog.  They describe the day way better than we could, so here goes.  Over to Henk and Rick.  Thanks for an incredible day guys…..


Me and my riding buddy Rick, love riding motorcycles. We live in the Netherlands where there are no mountains or hills; the asphalt goes on forever and going off road means taking the next exit on the highway to go to the loo. So as a regular visitor to Oman, I decided we both should broaden our horizons and do some riding.  Even though we had zero experience in dirt biking, I knew that Oman has some incredible trails that would be worth exploring.  With its amazing scenery and breath-taking views, riding the unspoilt wadi’s and mountains would be a dream come true. However, I had no idea where to start our adventure!

After doing some research on the web we struck gold: we found Oryx Adventures! I contacted Peter Middleton from Oryx and after a couple of emails we came up with an amazing plan, where we would do some off road training combined with some touring.

In Oman we couldn’t find transportation to Oryx Adventures HQ in Muscat, so they were flexible enough to transport three CCM GP450 motorcycles from Muscat to Jebel Sifah where we were staying. From Sifah we started with some training and I must say Peter was an excellent instructor. His instructions were easy to follow and his feedback was always reassuring. We first got comfortable with the bikes and with riding while standing up, which we did with some basic exercises. This was followed up by skidding the back tire and eventually skidding the front tire (!!) finishing off with some small jumps and learning to de-weight the suspension. The tempo of the training was perfect and we never felt rushed or pushed.

After the training we continued and entered Wadi Adai.  Thanks to the skills that we had just picked up in the training, we felt really comfortable driving on dirt roads.  Feeling relaxed we were free to enjoy the stunning views that Oman had to offer, without worrying too much about all the slipping and sliding while driving on a dirt road. On a few occasions we left the usual trails to do some more training like learning to ride through soft sand, or going up steep hills while standing up.

To sum up our experience; Oryx Adventures gave us the complete package. We started with zero off road experience and we ended with the knowledge and know-how of riding off road combined with the stunning views of Oman.  In our opinion, Oryx Adventures ask a more than fair price without any compromises. This includes full gear, great bikes, insurance, lunch and a Scotsman with a sense of humour! 🙂

We definitely recommend contacting Oryx Adventures to anyone with a sense of adventure (and a motorcycle license :p) when visiting Oman.