As part of an off-road tour, we fully expect drops, bumps and scrapes which is all covered as part of the tour.  However, participants will be held liable for damage caused by misuse, abuse and road traffic accidents.  Please see section 12. of our ‘Terms & Conditions’ for the full details of coverage.

Yes.  All tour participants must show proof of medical insurance which includes coverage for the Sultanate of Oman.  Please check that your insurance covers motorcycles above 250 CC.

If you wish to cancel your trip, we must receive notice in writing. If notice is received 30 days prior to the start you’ll be eligible for a full refund. Cancellations between 30 – 10 days will have a 10% cancellation charge (no refund of deposit ). No refunds will be considered for cancellation within 10 days of the start of the trip. We strongly recommend that you obtain trip cancellation insurance from an insurance company to cover the risk.

No.  All taxes and surcharges are included in the listed price.  Provided that your riding gear is of an acceptable standard, there are no additional charges.  Should your riding gear not match our safety standards, a limited amount of riding equipment ideally suited to our tours is available to hire for 15 OMR per day, and hydration packs are available for 5 OMR per day.  For full details, please see the ‘what’s included’ section of each tour.

Indeed we do.  You can find them all in detail here


Yes.  All participants must be at least 25 years of age and must have held a full and valid motorcycle license for a minimum of two years.

Yes.  We give coaching and training as part of the tours as required or upon request.  We also offer specific training days and packages.  Please see our ‘Tours’ page for available courses, or email us for anything specific you think you might need.

No.  Luggage will be forwarded to the next hotel prior to your arrival or it will arrive shortly after on the support vehicle.

It depends on the tour.  Generally, for extended tours or tours in difficult terrain or remote locations, we bring along a support vehicle with a spare bike.  For short level 1 and 2 tours, we don’t usually use a support vehicle.  Please see the ‘What’s Included’ section of each our tours for further information.

Oman is generally fairly hot and arid all year round, so please bring kit to suit warm weather riding in extreme conditions. Average daily high temperatures are between 25 Deg C and 32 Deg C, all the way through the riding season.  We do get occasional rain and temps can sometimes be as low as 5 Deg C at night and early morning in the winter months.  The climate can also vary depending on where we are.  Generally speaking, the best times to visit the north of Oman are October to March.  The season lasts longer in the South of Oman and conditions are good from August right through to March. You can find more information about Oman’s environmental conditions in our ‘About Oman’ page.  We do not offer any tours in June or July as it’s simply too hot.

It depends on the difficulty level of the tour. Our tours may contain difficult and rocky terrain in some very remote places.  Your safety is our number one concern so we must insist you follow our guidelines and wear the appropriate gear while riding.  If your equipment does not meet our minimum safety standards, a limited amount of rental equipment ideally suited to our tours is available for 15 OMR per day

Level 1 and 2 tours; As a minimum, participants are required to wear a motorcycle jacket,  full length jeans or abrasion resistant pants,  motorcycle helmet, boots, gloves.  No T-shirts.  No shorts.  No flip flops.  No exceptions.

Level 3,4 and 5 tours;  As a minimum, participants are required to wear an armoured motorcycle Jacket or protection vest with elbow guards,  motorcycle helmet with visor or goggles,  Abrasion resistant trousers, Calf length enduro or MX style boots and light weight summer motorcycle gloves.  Hydration bladders with a 2 litre minimum capacity are essential.  If you do not have one, we have them available to rent from 5 OMR per day

For more information about the terrain you will encounter on a tour, please refer to the ‘Difficulty Level’ section of your tour
For more information on the type of equipment we recommend, please visit ‘The Kit’ page or have a look through our ‘Blog

Apart from your riding gear, not much really.  Most of the day will be out on the trails.  Some tours have water pools so bring a travel towel and swimming clothes if you wish to take a dip.  Most hotels have a dress code and long pants and closed toe shoes are required to enter the bars or restaurants.  Please remember that Oman is a Muslim country.  Please respect local custom and dress conservatively when out and about.


Or course.  For level 1 and 2 tours, a pillion passenger should pose no problems.  For tours with a support truck, passengers are also welcome to join.  For tours that do not include hotel stays, there are no additional charges for passengers.  For tours with overnight stays there will be additional costs to cover accommodation and meals.  Please email us for details.

Yes and no.  For all single day and half day tours, there is no minimum number.  For all tours involving overnight stays, a minimum number of four participants is required.  If your party is less than four, we can still book you in and advertise for post the trip on our board to attract additional participants.  We can’t confirm however, until we have a total number of four.