Enduro paradise and an archeologists dream.

Tours run any day upon request from October through to April

Salmah Plateau is part of the crowning glory of Oman’s Eastern Hajar Mountains.  The trails themselves are enough to want to add this to a must do list, but it doesn’t end there.  Salmah Plateau is home to the Jaylah Beehive Tombs.  One of Oman’s most famous UNESCO world heritage sites.  The mysterious tombs date back to between 3500 – 2500 BC and have baffled archaeologists for decades.  No clear evidence has been found to pinpoint their exact purpose or origin, but theories range from burial tombs to tributes of wealth during the bronze age.  As part of the tour you will have the opportunity to have a walk around the site, peer in and have a guess for yourself.

The trail riding includes probably the steepest unpaved ascents in Oman.  Very rarely used by anyone but the local villagers and wildlife.  Once on top, the path levels out to dry, arrid track, hardpack clay and switchbacks, across a massive expanse of mountains, passing through tiny villages spread out across the plane.  The 120 km route includes two full mountain crossings with amazing views down into the valleys and canyons on both side.  Enduro heaven.

Tour Highlights

  • The route into Wadi Al Arbeieen
  • Jaylah Beehive Tombs
  • Two full mountain crossings
  • Oman’s steepest non paved ascents and descents
  • 155 Km of off-roading nirvana

Level 4 Intermediate – Enduro based trails

Level 4 routes require decent enduro skills. Trails will involve deep gravel, sand, steep inclines and descents on off camber hairpin bends. Excellent balance, body positioning, brake, clutch and throttle control is a must. Sand riding skills are not likely transferable.

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You can read more about the beehive tombs of Jaylah here

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Part 1: Departure

The enduro section for today is a long one but well worth the effort.  To make it possible as a day trip, we will head out in the support truck for the 130 Km highway section to the start of the trails at Bimmah.  Once at Bimmah, it’s time to unload the bikes, gear up, buy snacks for the day and go through a quick briefing.


Part 2: The Adventure starts

We kick off on the trials right away at Dibab and the entrance to Wadi Al Arbeieen, a spectacular track that twists and turns through the valley floor, date farms and water pools.  The track is hard packed clay with a sheen of loose gravel and dust along with a few water crossings.  Perfect terrain to get used to the bike before the climb upto Salmah Plateau.

The route up is probably one of the steepest unpaved ascents in Oman.  Very rarely used by anyone but the local villagers and goats,  the track is 13km of constant off camber hairpin corners covered in loose gravel, shale and small rocks.  Slow speed balance, excellent clutch control and the ability to find grip are all must have skills to make it to the top.


Part 3: Traversing the mountain

Once at the top, the path levels out to dry, arrid, dusty tracks across a massive expanse of mountain, passing through tiny villages spread out across the plane.  As the track approaches the southern side of the mountain the dirt changes again to black rock and red clay.  At the southern face, the track winds up and down the side of the mountain as we make our way east.  As the going gets steep again, clay turns to gravel and then into ‘fesh fesh’, an unpredictable talc like powder that offers little grip.  Big handfuls of power result in massive clouds of dust and very little momentum.  The best way to get up there is to take it easy, stay wide on the corners and find grip.  Once back at the top it’s time for a pat on the back and a rest before heading out to the Beehive Tombs.


Part 4: The Beehive Tombs

Oman’s mysterious Beehive Tombs date back anywhere between 3500 – 2500 BC and were declared a UNESCO world heritage site.  No clear evidence has been found to pinpoint their purpose as no remains and very few artifacts have ever been found.  The Jaylah site is split into two groups of around a dozen tombs, laid out in no specific pattern.  Their history lost, they have become a fascinating archaeological site with theories ranging from burial tombs to tributes of wealth during the bronze age.  The site is open to the public and we are free to peer in through the openings and walk around the tombs.

From the tombs the road leads north east back towards the coast across the ridgeline of the mountain.  Massive valleys and canyons lay either side along with the odd tiny outcrop of buildings and goat farms.  Towards the end of the track the descent begins as abruptly with a series of concrete switchbacks leading to the villages of Qu’uran and Fins.


Part 5: The road home

Fins is a popular little fishing village.  A favorite for campers due to its white sand beaches and jagged coastline.  Now that the off road part has ended, it is time for a well earned rest, a bite to eat or to have a walk around while we load up the bikes for the return back to Muscat.  You are welcome to ride the 130 Km of highway back if you wish, but it has been a long day and the support truck will be looking pretty good around now.  Once back in Muscat, it’s time for tea and medals and to plan the next ride out.

What’s included

  • Motorcycle Rental
  • Fuel
  • Snacks, water and soft drinks while on the road
  • Tour guide
  • Entrance fees and admin for entry into national parks
  • Access to satellite phone, pay per minute
  • An experience you won’t forget

Riding equipment – 15 OMR/day

Lost luggage or didn’t want to bring your own?  No problem.  Just let us know beforehand what you require and we will make sure we have it in stock.

Route changes – Free

This is your tour, based on your wishes.  If you have something you would like to see that isn’t included in the tour, just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.  Changes can also be made mid tour if the difficulty level doesn’t suit you.

Salmah Beehive Tombs 3000 BC
The calm before the tough ascent of Salmah Plateau
Salmah Beehive Tombs 3000 BC
Spectacular gravel track from Dibab to Wadi Al Arbeieen
Just one of the cool clear pools in Wadi Al Arbeieen
OMR 105
One tour per person