A Grand Mountain Adventure

Tours run on request from October through to April

This three day adventure tour has it all. By the time your tour is complete, you will have acquired the skills to explore any arid terrain and the confidence to travel down the path unknown. The tour is set in some of Oman’s most spectacular scenery including the Eastern Hajar Mountains and the vast empty deserts of Wahiba sands.  Along the way, you will have the opportunity to indulge in Oman’s unspoilt golden beaches, cool turquoise rock pools & waterfalls and silent isolation in massive dunes.  In short – Scenery on a breathtaking scale.

Tour highlights

  • Massive mountain ranges – Salmah Plateau
  • Vast Deserts – Wahiba Sands
  • Rock pools and Wadi’s – Wadi Majlis and Wadi Al Arbeieen
  • Historic monuments – Beehive Tombs

Difficulty level – 3

Off-road Novice – Intermediate

The majority of this tour is off-road trails on rocky mountain switchbacks and through the sands of the Wahiba desert.  Many of the mountain ascents and descents are very steep with patches of loose gravel and shale.  The sand sections are huge open expanses ranging from flat firm ground to huge dunes.  A route through the sand can be chosen at will depending on how confident you are and your energy levels.

The tour will not contain any boulder fields but the going can be tough and a high degree of commitment is required.  No previous off-road experience is required but good bike control is a must.  The tour is not aimed at novice riders.  Routes can be varied but there is no ‘easy route’.  The mountain ascents are steep, so an average level of fitness is recommended.  Due to the nature of the terrain and length of the tour, a support and safety vehicle will shadow us the whole way.  The support truck will carry a spare bike to avoid any delays due to mechanical problems.

If you would like to book or would like any further info, you can contact us via email or our contact us page


Day 1: Muscat to Qalhat

Today the adventure begins.  After a bit of a briefing and choosing a bike to suit you, we head out from the workshop and hit the back roads to Wadi Adai.
These empty mountain passes offer a fantastic intro into what Oman has to offer for the biker who loves a bit of twisty road work.  The road from Ruwi to Yiti is 25 Km of biking bliss. Tight bends, flowing sweepers, blind crests and heart pumping hairpins.  A local biking favourite for the weekend warrior.

From Yiti, we hit the first of the trails as we head through Wadi Adai.  An excellent introduction to the specular mountain scenery that you just never get used too. The path through Wadi Adai is a fast gravel superhighway, taken at a pace that allows you to get a feel for the bike and get prepped for the steeper climbs in the afternoon. All set in the spectacular backdrop of the Hajar Mountains. Definitely one of our favourites as the scenery is simply breathtaking.

After a little rest in the shade of a few Ghaf Mesquite trees, we continue the off road work until we hit the back roads to Wadi Dayqah Dam for a little lunch and to check out Oman’s largest body of water. Once fed and rested we head back out on the trails to Wadi Al Arbeieen

After an action packed 250 Km of dust and dirt, we reach the grand prize, the amazing turquoise coloured rock pools and waterfalls of Wadi Al Arbeieen. Now it’s time for a swim and a bit of cliff diving for the guys that haven’t had enough yet. Once you are done, it’s another stunning 15km ride through Date farms, Palm trees, mangroves and water crossings to the camp for tea, medals and well-earned rest.


Day 2: The road to Wahiba Sands

After breakfast, the adventure begins again. The road from Qalhat to Wahiba is anything but dull. Today is going to be a tough one with dry Wadi bed crossings, deep gravel and steep mountain passes.
Once out of Qalhat, we are right back into the dust and dirt of Wadi Al Khabbah. With its varied terrain we can make this as hard or as easy as you like. There is everything from boulder fields to easy gravel roads. We will climb up to Salmah Plateau along tough maintain roads.  There are a few routes up and down the mountain, all of which require a slightly different skill set. None of them are easy but our goal is to keep our customers happy, so we can choose the one that best suits. Once safely down the mountain we stop for a break before proceeding with either a bit of fast gravel work, or some stunning asphalt roads to just North of the path into the desert.

Once we hit Wahiba, the fun begins again. Wahiba is Oman’s second largest desert covering approx. 12,500 Sq Km with dunes as high as 100m. Sand density will also play it’s part just to make life that little bit tougher. Once mastered though, big dune riding is an absolute blast. We will continue to hoon around as long as energy levels last before heading for camp. Once you’ve had enough, it’s time to watch the sunset and sleep beneath the stars.

If it wasn’t already on your bucket list, desert camping should be. Watching the desert change colour as the last rays of light disappear is a sight not to be missed.  After the sun is long gone and without the light pollution from cities and villages, the sky comes alive. An experience you are unlikely to forget.


Day 3: Wahiba to Muscat

You’ve done fantastic so far and today is all about choices. There are a couple of routes we can take back to Muscat, needless to say, none of them are dull.

If we are feeling like there is nothing that can get in our way, we can head back over the Hajar Mountains. With it’s terrifying steep descents and sandy roads, this route is definitely for the more adventurous. The Plateau has some of the oldest history in Oman, with the Beehive tombs dating back to 3000 BC, nestled in tiny inhabited villages more remote than you could ever imagine. If you have ever wondered how people survive in isolation amongst the mountains, this is the trip to take!

The alternative route is no less beautiful nor less physically demanding. The road to Muscat via the village of Mehlah, Fanja and Wadi Al Khoud is a mixture of pristine winding tarmac, deep gravel beds and flowing Wadi’s. The off road sections are tough. They do not contain the same levels of Hazard as the mountain route, but they are far more challenging.

Don’t let the lack of danger put you off. The route via Mehlah is packed with scenery that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Massive expanses of floodplains, mountains views, wild date farms, palm groves and winding roads that never seem to end; and that’s just the first leg. The second leg takes us through Fanja and Wadi Al Khoud, one of Oman’s’ few Wadis that flows all year round. No walk in the park that’s for sure. Riding through deep gravel and dozens of water crossings will test both your technical riding skills and stamina to the limit.


Day 4: Trip Summary

Over the last 3 Days you will have seen every type of terrain the Northern Arabian Peninsula has to offer. The landscape and scenery changes every day and the route offers some off the most spectacular riding in Oman. The tour is obviously designed to teach new skills, but most importantly, to give you confidence to explore on your own. Hopefully the beauty of Oman has given you desire to go down that unknown path.

On the tour, you will have seen remote villages, vast deserts, incredible mountain passes, all topped by lunar flood plains. Oman is an ancient land full of culture and tradition that is impossible not to love. The warmth and generosity of the people of Oman is second to none. Along the way, you will meet people that will offer everything they have; including from those who have little. All they ask in return is the pleasure of giving you their hospitality.

Route Summary

Day 1- Muscat to Qalhat          215 Km

Day 2- Qalhat to Wahiba         280 Km

Day 3-Wahiba to Muscat        253 Km

Trip total 748 Km

If you would like to book or would like any further info, you can contact us via email or our contact us page

What’s included

  • Motorcycle Rental
  • Fuel
  • All Accommodation and camp equipment
  • Breakfast every day
  • Evening meals at camp
  • Snacks, water and soft drinks while on the road
  • Support and Safety vehicle (can accommodate up to 3 passengers)
  • Spare bike for breakdowns
  • Tour guide
  • Entrance fees and admin for entry into national parks
  • Gift pack
  • Access to satellite phone, pay per minute

What’s not included

  • Flights
  • Personal items
  • Personal travel and medical insurance
  • Hotel meals and beverages excluding breakfast
  • Laundry

For in-depth details about what is covered, check out our Terms and conditions page

Additional Tours of the Western Hajar region – 190 OMR/day

The region is as vast as it is beautiful.  Addition tours will be based out of Nizwa.   Additional activities such as cave diving, rock climbing and hiking can be added or we can simply get out and ride.

Riding equipment – 15 OMR/day

Lost luggage or didn’t want to bring your own?  No problem.  Just let us know beforehand what you require and we will make sure we have it in stock.

Additional passengers – 240 OMR

The majority of the tour would be unsuitable for a pillion passenger, but we do have room for up to 3 passengers in our support truck.  In addition, there are several sections of paved coastal road which are breath taking when seen on the back of a motorcycle.

Route changes – Free

This is your tour, based on your wishes.  If you have something you would like to see that isn’t included in the tour, just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.  Changes can also be made mid tour if the difficulty level doesn’t suit you.

Hotel Accomodation – Priced depending on availability

Not everyone loves camping.  If your group would prefer Hotel accomodation we can arrange it and adjust the itinerary to suit.

The calm before the tough ascent of Salmah Plateau
Just one of the cool clear pools in Wadi Al Arbeieen
Spectacular gravel track from Dibab to Wadi Al Arbeieen
OMR 570
One tour per person